More pics of our 40th Anniversary – IV

Another gift we received was from the Outsiders MC – Portland – Oregon, also from out of the States. Their present came with a different story. In 1990, when Beer and Schweik went to Sturgis in South-Dakota for its 50th anniversary, they layed many contacts. Among those contacts were the Outsiders.

Anyway, to commemorate this event from 29 years back, the Outsiders came up with the idea to give us a pair of boots which were only available at Sturgis during the 50th anniversary of that event. These are actually collector items. Also with these boots came a picture in a frame of two Dutch wooden shoes. A gift from us to them from way back.

And for those of you who can count/read; we know each other 29 years by now. At this moment the 79th anniversary at Sturgis is taking place. From 2 till the 11th of August. There will be thousands and thousands of people during those days at Sturgis. Our party feels like child-play compared to that of Sturgis, but that’s beside the point.

Their gift symbolises our long friendship together and that is what makes this gift as well as many others worth receiving. Bear from the Outsiders MC, who came over to Holland with his girlfriend Stacey, presented us this nice gift. We lend them and others who came over from America a Harley, so that they could go on a tour in Holland and abroad.

Jack Brakeboer, from café ‘t ‘Zwarte Woifke’, gave us the stage-units you see behind Bear and Wicky as a present for our 40th anniversary.

Wicky and Nisse Shovelhead banger, the well known biker magazine artist, made this illustration for Bow from the Scrapers, who gave it to us as a present.

Bear and Stacey riding to Beer’s place on the borrowed Harley from Sloper. The day after they went to Luxembourg on Sloper’s bike.

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