More pics of our 40th Anniversary – V

On Saturday I showed a photo of a rather big present given by Black Sheep MC – Netherlands. We know these guys for many years now. We met them for the first time in the late eighties in Sweden. They had only one chapter at the time and that was situated in Heereveen – Friesland. After our first meeting in Sweden they have been our friends ever since. They come to us on many occasions and visa versa. They are the ‘Friezen’ and we are the ‘West-Friezen’. There is always a bit of a competition which side of the IJssellake is the better part of Holland. And yes, either we or they need to bring there passport or other ID to cross the Afsluitdike. Well, you’ll get the picture. LOL

While they were busy assembling the old piano, which was converted to a liqueur / booze cupboard, the question popped up if there was enough room in our clubhouse for there gift. Pikeboer said that this was our problem and not theirs. Everybody laughing of course. But we make damn sure to make a perfect spot for it.

Below some photos of the piano when they were taking it out of the van and putting it together. Also again some pictures of other gifts. Because we received that many gifts, Dionne and I couldn’t be there all the time to make a photo, while they were presented to Wicky, Brembo or Beer. Some of the pictures were send by mail.

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