More pics of our 40th Anniversary – VI

Today again a short story. This time about the Spiders MC – Delft – Holland. We met them for the first time in 1987 at the Superrally in Slagharen, Holland. It was their first year as a club and they were eager to learn the tricks of the rope. We had lot’s of fun with them and from that first moment it somehow ‘clicked’. We invited them for our 8th anniversary that year in September. Our first Rogues party on ‘own’ grounds. They have been coming ever since and visa versa. Great club to. Besides PB, CCN, NCC and some Swedish clubs one of the few clubs we know that many years. Their gift is made from different types of metal, of course in the shape of a spiders web.

Then there was the gift of our own chapter in Almere.You can see the axe on the right side. That’s a reference to our choppers. We chop things of from our bikes, and what better way to do that with an ‘symbolic’ axe. Our good friends from Norway, Chopper Freaks MC and Rabalder MC used the same metaphor, but also as a reminder of their Viking ancestors. Both clubs came with many membersand both clubs are good friends of us. No so long ago our guys visit both clubs while we were in Norway to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Rabalder MC – Tunsberg.

Brembo, Fonda, Stud, Wicky, Snikkel and Molly looking at the present.

Brembo, Stud, Wicky, Snikkel, Junior, Molly and Ger.

Christopher, Alte and Rune from the Chopper Freaks MC with Wicky.

As you can see there’s a lot of diffence between the axes. They come in all kind of shapes and sizes. And that makes them all special to have. The axe of the Chopper Freaks even have a sharp point on the top-side of the axe. Probably to crush the ‘poor victims’ their skulls many centuries ago.

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