More pics of our 40th Anniversary – VII

Other friends of us, the Red Hill Choppers from Germany came also with a rather ‘unique’ gift. As I stated yesterday; an axe is a metaphor for chopping of parts from your bikes. Anyway, a quicker and swift way to this is with the help a guillotine. It’s a more ‘rigorous’ and most definitive way to chop of ‘heads’ aka the front ends of bikes. They made a diorama of such an ‘event’ where even Napoleon could have been proud of. He might even have considered to ask for a patent for this most effective clean ‘chopper’ of all times if he would have known current bikers uses these sort of equipment to chop their choppers.
On the other hand, maybe the 47 Ronin – Samurai warriors – would have differ about which chops faster, their samurai swords or the guillotine, but I’m no expert in these matters.

Well, a picture says more than the words written above.

On the photo we see Wicky, Harry and Jörge from the Red Hill Choppers.

Our good friend Raven Rick from the Ravens MC – Oakland – USA also had an appropriate gift. An old Harley part. Older than our club for sure. This will also find a nice spot on our walls.

The same goes for the present from the Hawgz – Malmö – Sweden.

The Demons MC – Holland had a slightly different gift. Their present is made like a sign board and therefor sticks out of the wall if you place in the correct way, as seen on the photo below.

The Rolling Wheels MC – Berlin and Rolling Wheels MC – Strausberg – Germany, both brought along a present. Representatives of both chapters together with Brembo and our president Wicky.

Rolling Wheels – North came with this carb. and handlebar, also a very nice original gift.

From the Black Guards also a self made gift, as well as from the Gods Squad CMC – Lowlands, their present was made by Fred B.

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