More pics of our 40th Anniversary – VIII

The Veterans MC – West Crew – Holland used our ‘invitation poster’ to transfer that on a metal plate and placed it in a wooden frame. Their gift was presented to Wicky. These guys served our country in one way or another over the years and some of them still do, remember that.

PB – Leeuwarden – Friesland, since 1971, and Hollands oldest biker club was present to at our party. We met them for the first time in August 1981, when they held a party in and at their clubhouse in Leeuwarden. A 17th century cheese-warehouse at the Hoveniersstaat 3-5. I think that they demolished that old building in 1989 or 1990.

Anyway, I’ll think, but I’m not sure, looking at the years, it could have been their 10th anniversary. I remember it was a great party with a huge explosion in the night. A old auto-car was set on fire and they were throwing car tyres and other stuff in the fire that was getting bigger and bigger with the minutes.

After half ‘n hour or so they started throwing hair-spray and deodorant bottles in the car. The explosions echoed against the wall and the high side wall of the clubhouse. Then, al of a sudden, there was this ‘poor sod’, finding himself real tough, who came up with the idea that if you wanted a real loud bang you needed a bigger gas bottle. So, not long after, he came back with rather big a blue propane-gas tank. We all thought he was joking and shouted not to do such a stupid thing. He must have been either extremely drunk or stoned or even worse, both, but it didn’t take long before he threw the propane-tank in the burning car in the huge fire.

Everybody who was still less then half drunk and/or stoned, started running away from the fire. There was this long old wall you had had to pass and behind it was the cheese warehouse – PB’s clubhouse – as well. I didn’t take long before the tank exploded. While everybody still was running away burning car tires and other burning shit started dropping around us. I was rather surprised nobody got injured. Their clubhouse and the wall were shaking like hell because of the air pressure / displacement. The auto-car was totally ripped apart. Every time I think of PB, this is the first thing that pops up in my mind. What the second thing is I shall tell you in a later story.

MC PB used a piston to make a head from it and placed a hammer between its teeth. A damn good dentist.

The Plabs Choppers MC from France also brought along a gift. Cyril, aka Francis Vega, one of their members, won the ‘Slow-race trophy’ at our party.

Another young club is Unnoted – Andijk – Holland. They are also ‘West-Friezen’ like us. Whether that’s okay, I don’t know, but you can all decide for yourself. They gave us a t-shirt in a frame.

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