More pics of our 40th Anniversary – X

Some gifts raises questions. One of them is the next. It was given by our English friends. It’s a street sign / nameplate, screws included. It looked genuine and I said to Wicky; “If you ask me I would say it’s the real thing.” Wicky looked at it more closely and concluded the same. It was taken from who knows where. It might have been a ‘replica’, but this one isn’t. We both agreed on that.

So, I’ve done some research on the internet. I searched for the street-name ‘Rogues lane’ in England. Four names popped up. Two with ‘Rogues lane’ and two with ‘Rogue’s lane’. I made screen-shots of them as you can see below. As it appears on the screen only the first two fit the description. The third might, but I’m not sure. The questions remain; where, when, how, who and why. Well, the last question can be crossed out.

Mmmmm, it probably has something to do with our clubname…. Hell, yehhh.

And the ‘where’ question is either nearby Cambridge or nearby Oakham. The ‘when’ question is, looking at the screen-shots, between at least the end of May 2019 and before the 1st of August. The ‘how’ question; I go for the electric screwdriver. At last the ‘who’ question…… somebody who was in England between May and August. Not many fit that description. Probably Boris Johnson or Nigel Farage.

On the first screenshot you can see the street sign. Maby this one is gone.

On the second screen-shot the street sign is ‘still’ clearly visible. Mayby this is the one.

On the third screen-shot you can see a street sign laying in the bushes. Probably the most easy to take away.

The fourth screen-shot didn’t reveal any street sign on both ends of the road.

Other gifts were presented by the Free Wheels – Motorcycleclub – Danmark and the Harley Club from Paderborn – Germany. Manny, one of our members, who died in 2004, came also from Paderborn. I asked them if they knew Manny. They’ve heard of him, but they didn’t know him personally.

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