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CCI, Custom Chrome Inc. Started their business in 1970. They now have several brands such as RevTech, RevTech Wheels, MotorFactorY, Santee and Jammer Cycle products.

In the early seventies they advertised with their Jammer products in Easyriders Magazine and Iron Horse magazine. Often they had a shit load of advert pages with their products. Six or eight pages was most of the time the minimum. And let me tell you, that strategy worked. When I read those magazines those days, I wanted to have the ‘Jammer’s Handbook’ in my possession as soon a it came out in Holland in 1979. Of I went to the bookstore in the city of Hoorn and buy me a copy. My friends and I looked through the pages which parts were needed to chop our bikes. In those days I rode a Kawasaki Z650. Most of us couldn’t afford a Harley those days.

But while I looked in my old Easyriders Magazines I noticed that the style of advertising these almost 50 years had changed a lot. I will come back on this subject when I will highlight the Easyriders adverts. Jammer (CCI) had/has one major concurrent, Drag Specialties. They started their business in 1968 and had just about the same products.

Back to the adverts. The text combined with the photos they used to get your attention did their work. Some of them are nowadays considerate to be somewhat ‘woman unfriendly’. Nowadays magazines such as Easyriders Magazine and our Dutch Big Twin Magazine become more and more prude. That was one of the main reasons why I stoped buying Big Twin mags. Half a tit or a photo from a color from a bikerclub or OMG are to be considered not welcome anymore. Bloody wankers.
Easyriders on the other hand show lot of girls and some of them have more silicone in their tits then most bikers have gasoline in their tanks. But hee, at least they show nice girls/woman.

Now some examples and look at/read the text.

This was a advert in Easyriders Magazine 34, February 1976.

Advert in Easyriders Magazine no 41, November 1976.

This advert was from March 1977, Easyriders no 45. That’s a bold statement, but I get the picture. I won’t disagree when I look at her.

Easyriders no 47, May 1977.

Easyriders no 52, October 1977.

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  1. Even Easy Riders has gone the way of being PC. I wish I’d have held on to my Jammer Handbooks and old Easy Rider rags.

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