Jammer Cycle Products – Jammer’s Handbook

Easyriders no 59, May 1978.

When I saw the adverts with ‘things doing the hard way’ like rolling a cigarette in 1979 I thought to myself; ‘well, rolling a cigarette is a peace of cake for us in Holland and if most American prefer the easy way, mmmmmmmm…. And all those who roll a cigarette have probably Dutch ancestors anyway’

Easyriders no 74, August 1979.

Easyriders no 75, September 1979.

Easyriders no 78, December 1979.

Easyriders no 52, October 1977. I f you look at both pictures, they have both many of the same products.

A Drag Specialties advert in Easyriders no 47, from March 1977, Jammer’s opponent.

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