Easyriders Cartoons – Wacker

As I wrote yesterday; some forty, fifty years ago they were less prude. A nice example of my statement is shown in Easyriders Magazine number 56, February 1978. I love these type of cartoons.

The girl on the cover photo made by Billy Tinney is Billy.

In Holland we had some equivalents. Rooie Oortjes, Dick van Bil and last but not the least; Joop Klepzeiker. These titles are difficult to translate, therefor I’ve placed some pictures of them, so you all get ‘the picture’.

From ‘Joop Klepzeiker’ there was even a ‘Black Edition’. These cartoons were to be considered too vulgar for every day standards.

Easyriders also had ‘The Fronz’ and some others. Next week more about these cartoons.

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