New York Donny

As always vacations sooner or later, mostly sooner btw, come to a end. New York Donny, from the Brother Speed, and his girl Tammy are facing the same problem right now. They came to our 40th anniversary with some of their brothers.

They both stayed a little bit longer in Europe and went for a trip trough several countries to sniff some culture. They even stumbled over a castle somewhere in Germany or Austria from ancient ‘relatives’.
We lend them a Harley, so both could go wherever they wanted. No worries there.

But as I said, their vacation comes to a halt and tomorrow they both head back home again to find out what Donald T. this time has in store for the rest of the globe. GTST 2.0 (GTBT 2.0)

We had a great time together and we wish them a safe journey.

Don yesterday at the clubhouse starting ‘his’ bike.

One thought on “New York Donny”

  1. As we sit here knowing we go home tomorrow it is bitter sweet! I cannot thank you guys enough for the best vacation a couple could have…10 countries if you count Friesland!

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