Rolling a ‘cigarette’

A few days ago I wrote about Jammer Cycle Products and their adverts and I also told about the adverts with ‘things doing the hard way’ like rolling a cigarette. Anyway, you can still read that article if you like, if you scroll down a bit.

We all know by now that smoking ‘in general’ ain’t a good idea, but ‘blowing’ such as in ‘blow-jobs’ on the other hand is a other league of sports. But here’s the thing. The staff of Easyriders Magazine also published other adverts as well, such as seen in Easyriders no. 62, August 1978 and Easyriders no. 66, December 1978.

But things doing the hard way needs some explanation as well and so they did in Easyriders no. 65, of November 1978. The illustration was made by Hal Robinson, also known for his drawings of ‘Miraculous Mutha tells all’ articles. But of course no ‘ordinary’ cigarettes, hell no!!! And why should they? Their motto those days was to represent the biker-scene in a non-conventional, non-prude way.

And so they did. Their cartoon about ‘how to roll a joint’ and their view about helmets in general and cannabis in Easyriders no. 67, from January 1979, made that very clear. But those were their early years of making magazines. Also Easyriders Magazine has become more and more ‘decent’ over the years, which I pitty.

Girl on the cover photo made by Kim Peterson is Dane.

Advertisement seen in Easyriders no. 62 and 66.

Girl on the cover photo made by Ralph Hampton is Debbie.

Cartoon draw by Hal Robinson.

Rebecca and Doggy on the cover photo made by Ralph Hampton.

Photo made by Kim Peterson.

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