My notebook from 1985.

In 1985, from 12 till the 14th of April, there was a Tank Battalion demonstration at the 43rd Tank battalion at Langemannshof in Germany.

Hond, at that time a conscript, was stationed there and had invited us to come over to watch their demonstration. In the evening there was this party arranged etc.

So we, Torra, Marcel and me, decided to give it a go and went over to Wietzendorf, nearby Soltenau in Germany. I had to work that day, so I got up at 06.00 hour. That afternoon the three of us left at 16.20 hour to go to Hond. The weather was crap and we arrived at 23.30 hour that Friday. The next day Hond had arranged a rather spectecular demonstration with a Leopard II tank etc.

Conscript Hond and me in 1985.

There was also a huge hall with all different kind of weapons and you were allowed to hold some of those weapons in your hand.

Torra, me and Marcel with some of the weapons displayed there.

Anyway, besides the weather, we had a good time that weekend.

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