Inferno at Rabalder MC

Yesterday we received the sad news that our Norwegian friends, Rabalder MC, had lost their clubhouse to a big fire. The old, some hundred plus years, community building, caught fire and was completly lost. Luckily no one was injured in this inferno. The local firemen knew that Rabalder members had their bikes parked at the clubhouse. Once they saw they couldn’t control the fire, they went in to save the bikes.

Sadly we can imagine what Rabalder is going through now… since well… you know…

We want to wish Rabalder all the best in this sad episode.

Rabalder remember… in the end… STRONGER THEN EVER!

2 thoughts on “Inferno at Rabalder MC”

  1. WTF, sad new, but you’re stronger than fire, sure that you’ll rebuilding the clubhouse and coming soon with new bikes. SYL Choppers Addicts everywhere, hope to see You soon on the road.

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