One thought on “Sunday’s at the clubhouse II”

  1. remember seein OLD Chicago Rogues bikers back in the late 50’s – early sixties when my folks took me an my sister to Hager’s Pottery in S. Elgin, Il. We were on Rt. 20 headed back home to Rockford. I couldn’t have been no more than maybe seven or eight, but I’ll tell ya, I remember those guys an there bikes like it was yesterday! I can’t say that was the start of my life long love of bikes and the life, but the wildness of the unclean, well chained ( and oiled! ) guys and those short, low and fat bikes they rode back then definitely added wood to da fire. I been round bikes ALL my life and that old Rogues club I saw that day might as well been tattooed on my brain, cause I won’t, and don’t wanna forget!

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