Brembo and Marie

Duco de Vries a photographer for well-known magazines at home and abroad such as Time Magazine, Management Team and NCRV and for large companies such as ABN AMRO, Delta Lloyd and National Police. He is also a teacher at the Photo-Academe in Amsterdam.

DUCO DE VRIES PHOTOGRAPHERS: Brembo and his daughter

I took the photo above some fourteen years ago and is part of my book “Bikers in Holland”. I found it interesting to show that Brembo, in addition to being a dedicated member of full-color club Rogues MC, also attaches importance to his family life. The lifestyle of the biker life requires a lot of time and attention, but the one does not have to exclude the other.

A few weeks ago I took the photo below and it is clear that something has changed. Brembo works in car damage, project ‘Sun Protection’, does his spray work for custom engines and is still a Rogues member. However, Marie is no longer that little girl who sits quietly on the back of the chopper with her father. She is conducting her PhD research in chemistry at the University of Amsterdam, where she is researching alternative fuels.
Ever she clung to him and was “daughter of”.

Brembo’s eyes sparkle with pride as Marie tells about her world today. Only about sixty klicks from the parental home, to a totally different world.

This article also can be found is a local magazine named ‘’, issue Jauary-February 2020. In Dutch language that is.

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