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Redneck’s bike, lean and mean… [not on the show]

Hoochie Mama

One day we decided we needed to have a guestbike for the club. We were having more and more American friends flying over and visit and this way, we as a club, could provide them with a bike to ride. First we were thinking about buying a cheap evo stocker but then we said, ‘ Hey, we are chopper guys, lets built something nice’. So the Hoochie Mama guestbike was born! We stretched an old softail, made some cool pipes, a slef supporting rearfender, we made a vustom gastank and more. And we painted the thing ourselves as well. Many people have rode it since.  Yesterday we put back on the half apes that had to be removed for a smaller guest before and started with the making of a new seat that will be more comfortable and has room for packing stuff. Will make small sissybar too. Also we will try to improve the brakes. We will keep yall posted!

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