Not busy

Today should have been a very busy day for us preparing all the bikes and stands for our upcoming 29th RMC Chopershow. The weather is, to be honest, more then perfect. Ideal for a great show, good mood and many visitors. But somehow , somewhere in China, a random bacteria, changed into what they now call Covid-19, aka Corona virus.

What followed was a almost global ‘lock-down’ and therefor our show had to be cancelled. But not just our show, all shows, events, parties, pubs, shops, sport activities and even funerals had to be cancelled or dramaticly ‘downsized ‘.

And we….. hmm, hoping for better times and not just for us, but for everybody all over the globe.

Stay cool. Ideal for preparing your bikes or changing them into a chopper or a ‘nicer’ chopper.


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