New hobby [or not]

Okay, as I said earlier, the Corona-virus meshes up a lot of things. And if your bike is in tip-top condition by now and you’re fed up by polishing it four the seventh time… And there’s no girl/bitch/bimbo [depends on the taste] in the neighbourhood and you’re done jerkin’ its about time to think about a time-consuming hobby.

No, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this is a problem solver, but at least you’ve got something else on your mind if you have a ‘second’ hobby besides riding your bike or chasing nice looking girls, or if you are a girl, an handsome looking guy like myself [ahem..].

Anyway, in November 1983 Easyriders magazine had a topic about this subject. A prefesser Prune’ wrote a article about rare and well known motorcycles printed on stamps. Who knows, maybe this is a new way of lowering your stress level[s].


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