Today an old article from June 1978. This was published in Easyriders magazine and ‘Renegade’ wrote about this nice Harley.

When I started buying Eayriders I already favoured Harley’s above other brands. Choppers in particular. Then, in June 1978, I stumbled on this article. I fell in love with this type of style/bike. It ticked all the boxes. The frame, front-fork, handle-bars, brakes, rake, tank, still a bit race-like appereance, you’ll name it.

One small problem, I wasn’t 18 yet, no drivers licence either and above all, not enough money to buy a bike that could even come close like the one in this article. There you have it. I was hooked. Damn. So, the only thing left to do at that moment was to dream about it and trying to figure out how to get something like that…. A HARLEY……

Yehhhh, hmm, in my dreams mayby, but reality is an other thing. Nevertheless, here’s the bike I’m writing about.

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