Sporster Monday

Today we commemorate all those who died in times of war or peace missions. That is why the flag hangs at half-staff in many places in the Netherlands.
Normally this is only from 6 pm until sunset. But now because of Corana and the fact that it is the 75th time after the second World War, the flags hang at half-mast all day. Tomorrow we celebrate Liberation Day for the 75th time.

Because of the Corana crisis, this too will take place very modestly in domestic circles.

That said, now move on to the Sportster XR-1000. That appearance made quite an impression on me at the time. Okay, I prefer choppers, but a bit of speed could and does not hurt me. Nothing but the best of both worlds.

At the time, this article was in a brochure published by the HD factories. Enthusiast Spring 1983.

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