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Not long ago we received the following story from one of our ‘blog-followers’.

But before reading this a remark up front. This person, Paul’s his name, had asked us for permission to order such a licence plate holder.

And now for the story:

“Today I received the license plate holder and mounted it immediately.

There is also a funny story behind this request.

Three years ago we bought a roof suitcase for our Volvo 940 via Marktplaats, but because the colour did not match the car, I also rolled that suitcase dark green. When the paint was dry there appeared to be a tree leaf on the trunk and when I pulled it away I immediately took the paint with me.

Because I had a few stickers left from you that I had received with ordering t-shirts, I only put a sticker on it and also a sticker on the front.

When we left for Spain we noticed that trucks, motorcycles and cars sometimes honked and waved at us, motorcyclists with their right legs up but they had different nationalities and drove with all brands. Our daughter was sitting in the back, acting well, so she didn’t swing too.

Because we didn’t understand it, we stopped at a petrol station to check the car, but it turned out to be in order. We liked this but did not understand much, but it is much more fun than getting a raised middle finger.

Two years and three holidays later we finally found out the reason for this all.
We came back from the South of France last August 4th, when we drove out of the Leidsche Rijn tunnel, traffic got stuck and we heard on the radio that road works were taking place on the A2 towards Amsterdam. On our right we passed a whole group of motorcyclists on Choppers but because the traffic situation did not allow us to pay more attention to that, I could not pay attention to it either. There was just to much traffic.

I then decided to take the N 230 to drive to Amsterdam via the A 27 and A 1 because we had seen enough traffic jams on the way. When I went out and therefore had to pass the motorcyclists, I got all the space from them to do this. My wife then said “Look, Paul those motorcyclists are laughing and waving at us”
And then 2 years later and 3 holidays further, the penny dropped, it was the Rogues.

I actually planned to go on my motorcycle to the Northern Cape on my own soon, but unfortunately I have to reschedule this trip to the future due to the current circumstances [Covid-19]. I now also know that this sticker has added value and can make the first contact between people with whom I can drink a beer.

But because I usually ride without suitcases on my motorcycle and I did not want to make it a sticky bicycle, I came up with this license plate holder. I will continue to see that holder as a great privilege and I’ll destroy it before I sell my bike or when the bike’s ripe for demolition.”

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