New York Donny (NYD) from Brother Speed and Tammy

In 2014 we celebrated our 35th Anniversary and lots of close friends came over to this event in Opmeer to party together with us. From all corners of the world they flew or rode over to our clubhouse.
Two of them, New York Donny from Brother Speed, Oregon, and Tammy, his girlfriend, stayed at my place.

Brass, Beer (co-founders Rougues MC) and N.Y. Donny from BSMC, Oregon, USA, August 1st 2014

I can tell you that we had a lot of fun. We suggested to do some sightseeing. And they where all into the ‘old stuff’ like the windmills, old buildings, dikes and so on. We have a small car with only two doors, so to get in the back of the car is a bit of a hassle. So, when my wife Dionne started the car to go to certain places with me also in the front of the car and NYD and Tammy in the back, New York Donny panicked. He started sweating and all and making non verbal noises. So we asked him what was going on ‘back there’. It turned out be that NYD was a bit of claustrophobic, especially in ‘small’ Dutch cars. And also the windows couldn’t be opened in the back of our car and before we knew it, he was standing outside again, next to our car to get his ‘act together’ again. And if this part existed at the Olympics, New York Donny would have broken all records.

We suggested that he should drive the car and that we should give him the directions where to go. NYD next to me in the front and last but not least, open front windows. But driving a car in Holland ain’t the same as driving in America he soon found out. Tight corners, small roads, different rules at the roundabouts and so on…

Now, I won’t go any further into detail, but I can assure you; ‘it took a while before he got the hang of it’. And for Tammy, Dionne and me….. Well, we enjoyed it all the same. All and all we had a great day with perfect weather. What more could we wish…?

Here some more pictures of N.Y.D. Tammy and me.

NYD doing his ‘thing’ on the Dutch beach
Tammy, Brass and NYD, August 3th 2014.
NYD and Tammy in front of a Dutch widmill.
New York Donny taking ‘a dump’ on a old ‘Ducth toilet’.
Tammy and NYD in front of the ‘Waegh building’ in the city of Alkmaar.
Tammy, Brass and NYD in front of the former very old City Hall of Alkmaar.
The same as above in close-up. All pictures made by Dionne.

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