1996 – 5th RMC Choppershow

Sometimes you wonder where all the time goes. Damn…. If all goes well, we’ll have our 29th RMC Choppershow in April 2022. That should have been our 31th. But for two years in a row covid-19 variants were a bummer.

On the photo above Junior and me [looking mean, haha]. This picture was taken on the 5th RMC Choppershow in the ‘Dars’ in Wervershoof on April, 7th 1996. Junior, and his father Stud, are chapter Almere members.

We, chapter Opmeer, sometimes tend to fool them by saying that it is their fault that they are members of chapter Almere and not ours. Well, a little healthy rivalry between the two chapters is part and parcel of course. Anyway, Junior used to be neighbour-kid in nineties.
He often came to Dionne and me to play games on my pc and of course hoping to get a candy. Sometimes two different socks on his feet, but what the hack… When he was a little bit older, we explained to him, that he only could ring the doorbell afer our curtains were opened and not before.

Good memories! Always nice to have him around. Back then and now.

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