American stationcar

And now another photo from that still unworn shoebox. This photo is from March 1987, March 14th to be exact.
In this photo we see the young Latka on the left, I am standing in the middle at the entrance and next to me my older brother Toon. Unfortunately for me, exactly three months later, I suffered a spinal cord injury C5.

That night a birthday party was hosted by Schweick, my older brother Toon, my younger brother Blut [RIP], Latka and Sunny.
Of course, all sorts of things had to be stocked, but especially beer. My brother Toon’s American car was perfect for that job, being crammed with large quantities of beer.

You also see the old first clubhouse, without the workspace next to it. The workshop was only built in December of that same year, while I had already been in the AMC hospital for almost six months with a halo traction.
Unfortunately, the clubhouse has now been stripped of its dormer window in this photo.
Many of us have special memories of that dormer window.
Usually those memories concern girls in particular. Well, let’s not talk about that for now.

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