Almost Weekend

The weekend is just around the corner and normally, that is, until before the Corona outbreak, our weekend would be pretty much fully booked. Even sometimes long in advance. Club parties, motorcycle shows, exchange fairs for motorcycle parts, chopper shows, dance parties, holidays at home or abroad, going to the pub to score a ‘date’, birthday parties, wedding parties, tours, weekends away with your club members, simply visiting befriended clubs, initiation parties, bbq parties and God knows what other ‘parties’ you can come up with.

A nice example of a great party. Our 25th RMC Anniversary

But now, due to all the restrictive, usually logical and sometimes completely illogical measures, planning well in advance becomes a difficult and sometimes a risky activity. It’s almost starting to look like Russian roulette. We also struggle with this. But if you want to organize something big, you have to start well in advance and you can’t let everything arrive at the last minute. Compare it to a firecracker: the shorter the fuse, the greater the risk! Only the weather forcast works in your favor, the shoter the time, the clearer the report.

Two photos of the 8th RMC Choppershow, April 4th 1999 in the ‘De Dars’

So, don’t freak out, stay calm and just do your ‘thing’. For us this means preparing our 29th RMC Choppershow. For the time being, we assume that this can continue until proven otherwise.

The photo above was made during our ‘grande’ opening of our former clubhouse on January 16th 1999. In the left corner Bruut, next to him Big Jos, at that time still prospect and my mother, who will turn 90 next year.

And as for the coming weekend; chop your bike or prepare your chopper, just polish your bike, enjoy a nice tour and/or all the above options, but then in a ‘small committee.’ Despite everything, have fun next weekend.


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