Sporty Monday

So, Christmas is over and we’re well on our way to New Year’s Eve. But if you want to have a sporty morning, that can partly depend on what you did the days before.

Take our ‘EdWilly’ party in Scharwoude in 2002, where things got a little out of hand, so to speak. Parking a van on the side of the ditch with a bit too much hubris has its risks.

Mike the Bike and Stud showing their strenght – August 2002

Well, then you have to work for sure the next day. But in this case, you weren’t going to make it with hand power alone. Speaking of exercise. Anyway, Mannie [RIP] his old army truck was brought in to get the van back on the road.

Mike the Bike, the ‘Theo’s’ and Lurch trying to get the van into balance

With a winch on his truck and many hands helping to push, we got the job done.

And that is immediately a ‘firm’ morning gymnastics exercise. Then you’ve had your exercise in a instant, so to speak, and you can start drinking again on the good ending.

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