Sporty Monday

Before we begin, yesterday I posted a topic about sprockets. In my text I mentioned gears. That was not what this article was about.
However, for gears it’s more or less the same principal, but to change a gearsprocket, you need to reconfigure your complete gearbox as well. And that comes with a price. A new gearbox with one extra gear might be a better and cheaper option.

About the order of the day. Sporty Monday, that is.

Last Monday I was talking about lifting concrete beams. But to take it up a notch, the following example might be a good idea.

Lifting a complete Harley Davidson chopper. That separates the men from the boys. You cannot afford to make mistakes in this exercise.

Either your Harley is screwed or your back is shattered.

Have fun training your muscles / fat rolls!

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