Frame rake

Earlier this week I was talking about old tape recordings. That was admittedly a brief explanation of things and it certainly had nothing to do with driving and/or building choppers, because as most of you know, that is the core business of our club.

Today let’s just do something that has to do just with that. Sawing your existing frame or building a ‘new’ frame. This is where the word ‘to chop’ comes in handy. I came across the following article in my, unfortunately incomplete, collection of Easyriders Magazines. Way back, in 1972 to be more precise.

Long back, in 1972 to be more precise, they already knew a thing or two about it. Even then there were a lot of prejudices and yes, if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, that can’t work out to your [riding]advantage. But of course that also applies to racing frames.

Either way, take advantage and read this ‘tech tip’ from Easyriders Magazine number nine from October 1972 to build your ‘ultimate’ chopper.

Good luck, Brass, RMCF

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