Swedish Choppers

Back in the eighties, in this case 1985, we regularly went on holiday to Sweden. If you didn’t understand building choppers at the time, you were finely pressed with the facts there. Damn, we were ‘greenhorns’ then. Nevertheless, we were fast ‘learners’. After all, there were plenty of examples of how it should be done.

In the coming days I will show you some ‘old’ examples of Swedish choppers from that time. Now a few pictures I took during our vacation at the Peking Outlaws MC in Norrkoping. This was during their Peking Party from July 26 to 28, 1985.

In the photo above in the right corner probably a chopper of one of the members of Cheyenne MC Sweden and maybe the person on the floor is also a member of that club. Who’s to say?

Edit; According to Beer, the bike belonged to Tommy, from Mothers Freak MC Gothenburg

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