Sporty Monday

In Sweden they also know a thing or two about ‘working out’. Here’s a nice example of training specific muscles. Back in 1985 at the Hydet Party they organized various games where you could win as an individual or as a team and of course there were also prizes attached. Some of them were quite easy to do and others were a lot more difficult.

Now take a look at the photos below…This ‘exercise’ requires your utmost concentration and perfect balance to lift the legs and place them forward simultaneously. Trust me, this is a lot harder than it looks!
All the more fun for the bystanders to watch the teams perform.

We see the girls compete against the ‘men’.
Well, I was there at the time and the ‘men’ performed well below par in this case.
In this case the ‘girl team’ consisted of girlfriends/partners of Gjutjärn MC members. Maybe the men had been drinking a little too much, well, I’m pretty sure. But even if they had been sober, they would still have lost out to the girls. Especially the turning point halfway through the course was a difficult hurdle to overcome.

I made these pictures on my way back from my trip to Finland when I joined up again with my friends from Gjutjärn MC Uppsala. That summer we went to Sweden with the six of us. Fonda, Kwak, my younger brother Blut [RIP], co-founder Beer, Schweick [RIP] and me. When I rode to Finland to visit my writing friend Kaija, the others went back home. Later a bit more about this trip.

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