Swedish Choppers IV

Okay, as written before, here are some examples of nice choppers seen during ‘Peking Party 1985’ in Norrköping.

As far as I’m concerned, all these examples could also have ended up on our chopper show. And well, there’s no arguing about taste.

The photo above shows an old Vincent and as you can see this is the last photo of the relevant roll of film. It was manageable at the time, but it did have its charms. In addition, developing and printing them cost a lot of money over the years.

The last photo of your roll of film was something else that happened more often in those days when you took a lot of photos and slides like me. After 12, 24 or 36 shots, your roll of film was full again. Then you had to put a new one in your camera again. But then you had to roll back the old roll of film first. That is now something different with digital cameras and mobile phones.

And if you forgot to roll back and opened the back of your ‘body’, most of your roll of film would immediately go to the moon and if you were lucky, you still had some half-overexposed photos left. The older photographers among us will get what I mean, while the younger ones will think: “what is that guy talking about?”
Well, compare it to ‘accidentally’ formatting your storage medium full of photos and/or movies. Fuckfuckfuck…!!!

In those days I had an Olympus OM10 and a Pentax ME Super. Before that I had a Pentax ME and before that I had a Praktica L2. Later I had the very first consumer ‘autofocus’ camera, a Minolta 9000 AF. After that I had successors again until the digital age made its appearance. I’ve a Nikon D750 full frame for some time now and this will probably my last photo camera. Till tomorrow.

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