Swedish Chopper V

Last week I had already reported that the number of infections with the Omikron variant was increasing rapidly. That has only gotten worse now. But there is, as crazy as that may sound, a positive side to this story. The number of hospital admissions is still decreasing and that is beneficial for everyone, for us but especially for the patients who are allowed to leave the hospital.

It gives us more hope that our 29th RMC Choppershow can actually take place in April. It will take a while, but time always goes faster than expected. And to get in the mood, here are some extra examples of choppers.

The photos above were taken during the ‘Hydet Party 1985’ and the photos shown below at the Peking Party 1985, prior to the Hydet Party. We kept on looking out for all the beauty that drove onto the club grounds and the lawn of the adjacent lots during that weekend. At that time, we also had ‘nice’ choppers in the Netherlands, but you could count them on one hand, so to speak. There, in Sweden, it looked like a Mecca of choppers.

Anyway, back to today. We, RMC Opmeer, were infected with the chopper virus partly because of those trips to Sweden, if we weren’t already. And that is all in all better to handle than the Corona virus.

Me with my camera, a Pentax ME Super, making photos during the Peking Party around the clubhouse of Peking Outlaws MC in July 1985.

One thought on “Swedish Chopper V”

  1. Helemaal geweldig deze fotos Brass. En op een van de foto’s staat een oranje Evo chopper wat waarschijnlijk de allereerste chopper ter wereld was met zo’n nieuw blok. Het was van een van de Gjutjarn leden die we toen nog hebben bezocht in de gevangenis

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