Swedish Chopper VI

The past few days I posted several pictures of Swedish Choppers to get in the mood for our upcoming 29th RMC Choppershow. Today of course no different, except that I have added a photo of my old trusted Pentax ME Super. I still have that camera in my possession and it is somewhere in my attic. This camera was my third purchase.

My Pentax ME Super. In the 24mm angle lens you can see it’s a Rogues MC Lens [RMC], HaHaHa.

The Pentax ME I had for this one was stolen from a Raststätte somewhere in Germany during my trip to my writing friend in Finland. That was in the summer of 1982. Back then I was still riding a Kawasaki Z650 Chopper. Unfortunately, a hole burned in one of the four pistons during the outward journey on the highway in Germany. So I had to leave it behind for repair and in all the hectic pace my camera was also stolen. So I have very few pictures of that trip.

Fortunately, Kaija had small simpel AGFA Agfamatic pocket camera back in Finland It did the trick though. In Holland we called it a ‘zipp, rats, click’ camera.

Too bad I couldn’t ride my Chopper through Finland with her on the back of my bike. Now we had to travel everything by train. At least we had a car at our disposal at her parents place, near Kuopio. Well I digress. You know what it is, when you think back to these kinds of holidays you completely digress. And nine times out of ten you often ask yourself the question; ‘what if this’ or ‘what if such’.

The photo above, at the ‘Peking Party’, choppers as far as the eye can see.

Despite all the bad luck mentioned before, I did have a nice and pleasant time there together with Kaija. I will definitely come back to this topic again. I also visited her again in 1985. This was just before the weekend of ‘Hydet Party’. I had already written a bit about this party and I also will tell more in the near future about that party.

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