(Un)Sporty Monday

If, like us and most bikers among us, you go to parties on a regular basis, you have to show your ‘best side’.
That means that you are not easy to get small. And then sportsmanship comes into play. Because if you plan to train your arm muscles all evening by lifting glasses filled with BaCo, you also have to calculate the consequences.

Toon, Beer, Schweick and Jezus loading up our gear

Your arms may be well-muscled, but the rest is rapidly deteriorating. That doesn’t take away from the fact that you can look back on a great evening.

Above and below some pictures of a trip to Sweden in 1987. In the first weekend of February of that year we went to the 9th birthday of Gjutjärn MC in Uppsala. The photo above was taken on the ferry from Denmark to Sweden.

My older brother Toon, also clubmember at the time had a American Station wagon. We went with the six of us in his car: Toon, Beer, Schweick, Jezus, Blut and me. And boy oh boy, it was cold that February. The water between Denmark and Sweden was completely frozen, but the ferry services were able to cope with this to a certain extend.

The photo above was our look from the the deck on the sea packed with ice.

Along the way we had a great evening with a friend of ours, Thomas from Norrkoping. As a result, not much sleep was achieved and the ‘men’ had to pay for it the next morning. My older brother Toon drove the first piece, from Holland till Helsingor – Denmark and from Helsingborg – Sweden till Norrkoping. Since I didn’t drink a drop at the time because of my diabetes, it was my job to transport them to our final destination: Uppsala.

Schweick and my youger brother Blut having fun.

Beer and Jezus. Beer is ‘explaning’ something and Jezus is thinking; ‘cut the crap and finish your glass’.

But first I took some pictures of the men and yes, I can tell you, they were so tame. Anyway, back on the road again on to the next party; ‘the 9th Anniversary of Gjutjärn MC’.

Okay, there arms were ‘pumped-up’ for the real party an it took some efforts to reach that point, but all and all, the ‘results’ were there.

The photo below is Schweick taking a powernap.

Jezus and Blut nowhere near reality.

Beer taking a powernap in the stationwagen as well.

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