In 1984, the Harley Davidson Company introduced a new type of engine to the market. This came under the name Evolution in the folders. But like the previous models, this type of engine quickly got the nickname ‘Blockhead’. History was immediately made with this type.

After realizing a management buyout from the previous owner American Machine and Factory (AFM) in 1981, it almost certainly saved them from bankruptcy. Anyway, this aside.

In that same year, people in Sweden already knew what could be done with it. The week prior to Hydet Party we already saw a nice example at the shop Custom Cycle in Uppsala. Below is a great example of the, at the time, new Harley converted into a damn good looking chopper.

A year later I took these two photos during the Hydet Party near Stockholm in 1985. You can conclude from the yellow number paper between the spokes you can conclude that this ‘Blockhead’ also competed for the prize for the most beautiful chopper on spot.

Of course we hope to be able to present beautiful choppers again during our 29th RMC Choppershow on April 17th. But again, as long as the government and/or local administrators allow.

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