Custom Cycle presenting a Evo Chopper back in 1984

Yesterday I briefly mentioned a ‘Blockhead’. This model Harley Davidson engine, introduced in 1984 under the name ‘Evolution’, was a true leap forward in time. The appearance of this type of engine rightly took some getting used to.

But in the years that followed, you saw him appear more and more often.
When we drove to Sweden for the second time in 1984, with our six Harley’s and a BMW, to fully breathe the ‘Biker Lifestyle’ there, we ended up halfway through our holiday in Uppsala. During this particular holiday we had already met various members of Gjutjärn MC, including their Prez. Björn, Sgt. at Arms Scottie, Sven and Johan the year before.

Anyway, in Uppsala of course there was also a motorcycle shop with the name ‘Custom Cycle’. This Harley/Chopper shop was regularly used by them as a starting point to drive to club parties. Inside we drank coffee and in the meantime we marveled at the ‘stuff’ that could be seen in the store. The photo above I made in 1983. We see sitting on the pavement the former President of Gjutjärn MC; Björn, next to him our former President and clubfounder Beer, then a former member of our club; Outlaw, and standing next to him is Scottie, former Sgt. at Arms of Gjutjärn MC.

There was also a separate room where old Harley motorcycles were displayed and also many Harley engines, frames, springers, rims, wheels and so on. Not so strange, by the way, if you build a chopper from your Harley. But still, for us it remained an overwhelming sight.

The photos below I also made back in 1983 inside de shop of Custom Cycle.

Edit – A blog follower, Marcel, wrote us that he visited the shop around the same time and that the bike on the right on the photo above was called ‘Yellow Ferver’.

A mechanic of Custom Cycle I think

Scottie, —-[I forgot] and Björn back in 1983.

But in the ‘main’ store was this incredible new Blockhead Chopper on display. It was right to drool at the sight of this creation. We Dutch could only dream of that.

Beer a year later, in 1984 on a brand new Evolution converted into a damn good looking chopper.

EDIT – Yesterday I posted two photo’s of the same chopper seen above with Beer.

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