Sporty Monday

For the past few months, on Mondays, I wrote that it ‘could’ be good for your body and mind if you are sporty. Now take the following activity; drink as quickly as possible Four half-liter glasses filled with beer and at last a can of beer with a capacity of 0.33L, or soda for those who did not want to drink alcohol. The glasses had to be emptied with a straw and then finally the can and of course nothing could be spilled. So five men/women had to do this one after the other. First the first person had to have completely drained his glass through the straw, before the second and then third etc. could continue with his or her glass.

During the Hydet Party back in 1985, this was one of the ‘sporting’ pursuits to keep the clubs busy. Those who were fastest had a change of winning a prize and were allowed to consider themselves the winner and of course gaining ‘eternal’ fame. For the bystanders there was plenty to see during these matches and I assure you, during these kinds of activities there was a lot of laughter at the bumbling of various participants. Various members of Gjutjärn MC were very well versed in this branch of sport. As I recall they were the overall winners.

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