Superrally Holland 1995

Years ago, large rallies were already organized. One of the more famous is the Super Rally. Harley riders, from all corners and caves from all over Europe and even beyond, come together to party and have fun. Each year the rally is hosted by a different country and sometimes by the same country twice in a row. This is then organized by the Harley-Davidson club of that country. This year, if all goes well, it will be held in Sweden.

Back then in 1995 it was held in the Netherlands, in Valkenswaard, from 3 to 6 June. And because it was in the Netherlands, it wasn’t that complicated for us to be there. But that aside. You all know that feeling, you want to post something on your blog or facebook or something similar. Then you suddenly think: “Let’s see if anything has been posted about it before”.

So you ‘skim’ the internet to find out a bit more about this topic. Of course Superrallies are a ‘relatively’ common topic to look up. So there is plenty to be found about that and that should be clear of course. But then it’s always nice when you discover something you hadn’t seen before regarding your club.

Like these three pictures shown here today. It concerns drag race activity on site at the time. We see Nol on ‘his’ drag racer on the strip for his sponsor Bike Hospital – Waddinxveen. On the far right is Latka and next to him is Smog. The other person is unknown to me. Then two more detailed pictures of the drag racer itself.

I came across them on the website of ”Kick my Pan” and they are also made by him. Nice pictures, just like the others on his site by the way.

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