Choppers at the 25th Anniversary of Rabalder MC

Of course there were many choppers on the premises of Rabalder MC.
Back in 2019 I had gathered money and courage to celebrate their 25th anniversary together with Rabalder MC.

Flying is always a thing if you have a high spinal cord injury like me. Pressure spots are then lurking, just like thrombosis. And because I also have diabetes, it doesn’t make the whole picture any better.

But that said, back to that particular Rabalder MC party. It was before their clubhouse too fell prey to a ruthless and unsparing conflagration. At the time, Rabalder MC had appointed one of their prospects, Tommy, to help my wife Dionne, Lionking Mike and me where needed. We only had to call him and that was possible, so to speak, 24/7. He took us everywhere we wanted to go, but that was mainly the partying on their club grounds. And yes, Tommy was a great help for us. Thanks again. And of course there was plenty to see in that area.

So are the photos presented now from June 2019. This is an, as far as I’m concerned, an incredibly beautiful chopper from a, at the time, prospect of Chopper Freaks MC. I had Lionking Mike take pictures of this chopper from various angles.

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