Waving members goodbye

In the early years of our club, we were just young and some of us hadn’t even finished their education yet.
So was our former member Outlaw, he trained to become a mining engineer. That was possible at the university of applied sciences in Delft. But then you also have to do an internship somewhere as well. Since the mines in the Netherlands had been closed years earlier, he decided to go to university of Johannesburg in South Africa. There you also have the deepest mines in the world and plenty of opportunities to do an internship.

Our former member Cancer had previously travelled to South Africa to try his luck there. So in 1984 we had a mini chapter stationed in South Africa. Years later, in 1990, I vacationed there at Outlaw. More on that at another time.

The photo above from July 1984 at Schiphol Airport is one of the first pictures he took with my ‘back-up’ camera, just before he left for Johannesburg.

On the photo you see from left to right: Me, with my Pentax camera in my hand, Brigitte, Angèle, Nacks, Skull, Schweik (RIP), Annemiek, Ellen, Inge and Fonda and Beer kneeling in the foreground

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