Sporty Valentine’s Day

The weeks fly by and before you know it we have already arrived at Valentine’s Day. This also means that Easter is not too far away either. Tomorrow the Dutch government will again convene a press conference. Further relaxations regarding the corona rules will be announced in this press conference. We will of course come back on this subject and further relaxations ensure that our 29th RMC Choppershow will almost certainly be able to continue.

Back to our topic: “being sporty”.
I had already mentioned a few things about the activities at the annual Hydet Party. Also this time from 1985.

During that crazy weekend they also organized tug-of-war competitions. Clubs against clubs, women against the male members of ‘their’ club, women against women from other clubs, etc.

Those years, when we were in Sweden , I spent a lot of time with the members of Gjutjärn MC from Uppsala. It is also obvious that the photos I made at the time also concern them.
On the first picture we see four members of them competing against members from an other club. Björn, their Prez. at the time, is pulling the rope in the front and Johan is third in position.

Tug-of-war is a gruelling sportsmanship. It ‘ll cost you a lot of blood, sweat and tears. The other photos are the members of Gjutjärn MC against their ol’ ladies and yes, the boys lost – they were outnumbered.

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