Back again – Sunday update

Last week I was ‘once again’ in the rag basket. It can go wrong. Like previous times, I was in bed because of a pressure spot on my buttocks. I can sit up straight again for a few hours, instead of lying on my side. The sitting schedule is now slowly being built up and then we will see further.

With regard to our 29th RMC Choppershow, our preparations are steadily progressing. Our municipal board has now granted permission to hold the show and the better weather is on its way again. The covid-19 infections are on the decline and the strength of the variants is also weakening more and more. All in all good signs.

There is, however, a special comment to be made about this ‘predominantly’ good news. There is now a very tense atmosphere on the external borders of the European Union because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Just remember that covid is anything but pleasant, but that this pales in comparison to a country at war. We’re not that bad yet!

Having said this, I want to wish you all a nice and cool riding season and maybe we’ll see you at our Easter show in ‘De Weyver’ in Opmeer.


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