There are those moments in your life when, because of the things that are happening around you, you look back on your own ‘past’ life. How can things be as they are.

Beer and me on the 26th of December back in 1985

Take my friendship with my ‘best brother’ Beer. I have known him as long as my own parents, brothers and sisters. The ‘first’ memories I have of my family go back no further than those I have of my friend Beer. And that is saying something. We have known each other for almost 60 years, with all the ups and downs that go with it. Beer lost his mother and his younger brother Ed a few years ago. I myself had to say goodbye to my father in 1985 and to my younger brother Blut in 1988. So many similarities. Not to mention all the mutual friends and acquaintances we have both lost.

But all this indicates all the more that you need to work on friendship. Friendship is admittedly ‘free’ but you should cherish it and you should certainly maintain it.

Now take Ukraine, being the east, and Russia, also the east, and all of us here in the west. If they both had more understanding for each other there and we all in turn had more understanding for both of them there, it would probably have taken a lot of pressure off. After all, everything revolves around the often taken for granted concept of ‘friendship’. True friendship is worth more than all your money and material possessions added together.
So cherish it……


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