Francis R.I.P.

Francis surrounded by his close friends from the beginning of what became chapter Almere.
[Redneck was already gone when this picture was made]

Yesterday our brother Francis passed away much too early. Given his conditions, it was better this way, but it remains a hard blow for all of us.

As I had written before about friendship that it cannot be expressed in money, it now turns out to be the truth once again. If only you could turn back the clock. But you all know, as we do, that unfortunately this is not possible.

Yesterday I was going to post the photo above, but reality had already caught up with him. In this photo we see Francis with some of his close friends who knew him already from way back. This photo was taken last Friday during his ‘farewell party’ which left a deep impression on all of us.

Never again your special smile, never again your critical view of reality, never your support again, never again anything… dammit. We will miss you and leave, in this particular case, the word ‘will’ away.

Brass, RMCF

2 thoughts on “Francis R.I.P.”

  1. Gecondoleerd met het verlies van jullie vriend en brother. Sterkte voor de familie en club.
    Michel CCN.

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