29th RMC Choppershow [and 15th]

Sometimes you have those days when it’s against you. Then you go to the RMC Choppershow in good spirits and park your motorcycle, or as in this case your trike, among the rest as best you can.

Once inside the show you will be told through the corridors that a trike, no, worse, your trike has ended up in the ditch. Fuck, hell, damn. It won’t be true anyway?!. Once outside, your fear is confirmed. But what now? Then an appeal is made to the organization, so that’s us.

That does not mean that we can solve everything, but in this special case we came a long way.

Big Jos (R.I.P.) was brought in, back in 2007 in Hoorn, to tow the trike out of the ditch with his company car. With the help of, among others, Lurch, the trike came back on dry land. The damage was limited. It turned out he had forgotten to use the handbrake. He still had to clean it himself though. That went a bit too far for us, so to speak. All’s well that ends well.

Of course we hope that this year everyone will be free from these kinds of calamities. We’ll see you at our 29th Choppershow, tomorrow in two weeks.

Ride safe!


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