Sporty Monday

After mentioning yesterday that the 29th RMC Choppershow is taking place this coming Sunday, it’s time to make sure your bike is in ‘tip-top’ condition.

You know that feeling, you have been planning to wash your motorcycle for a long time and also to polish it shiny and above all; get rid of all kinds of junk such as stickers, duck tape and unnecessary tyraps. Because before you know it, your bike/chopper will be labeled a rat bike and that’s the last thing you want. What you do want is to make a good impression there at the Rogues in Omeer on their 29th show. Now you had intended to do that much earlier, but something always came up.

Take Beer now for example. He knows how to build beautiful choppers time and time again and to make them ‘show worthy’ there is a lot more to it than just another steering wheel or exhaust system.

Once finished, it also needs to be maintained. And that is often the case with many. You promised to do that every weekend, but somehow it never comes to fruition. Enough excuses to think of. The weather sucked, we had a party abroad and that next weekend after that party some kind of show there and there. And before you know it, the riding season is over and you haven’t given your bike the TLC you had planned to do at the start of the season. So, the next year you promise to get well. But again you fail and your good intentions vaporize. Gradually your bike slowly but surely changes into something you did not envision when you started ‘choping’ your bike full of enthusiasm.

Well, it’s high time to put deed to word these few last days. Off to the store and buy polishes, wax and sticker remover. You should already have the rest. The steam cleaner is brought in to do the coarser work. Slowly your bike turns into something that you can show yourself again. And then finally the time has come: your chopper will look like when you first drove it outside. After hours of washing, cleaning and polishing you can say to yourself; ”Yes, I ‘ve fixed it, it is presentable again……”
The photo below proves your hard work.

Then all of a sudden…, somewhere in the background, you hear a voice… It’s your wife yelling, “Beer, are you awake? You have texts to set up for the show today, are you getting out of bed?”

In other words; get your ‘act’ together and head over to ‘De Weyver’ in Opmeer next Easter Sunday. We hope to welcome you all and catch up again after two years of absence.

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