Charlie Weisel of the Satanic Mechanics travels widely and often on his radical twincam chopper. He has been around his own country, the United States, several times and he has also seen almost all of Europe from behind his chopper handlebar. This time he has six months to explore Europe even more and to drive to the other side of the continent. At least his plan was to eventually drive across Russia to Vladivostok. Near Japan.

Charlie at the CRP Headquarters in Opmeer

Unfortunately, we know that it is no longer possible to enter Russia as an American. But he still wants to go to the other side of this continent. So now he’s looking for another route he can take with his chopper to get there.

The route below is his, more or less, first alternative so far.

Charlie has rode from the CRP headquarters in Opmeer to Portugal, to the southernmost tip of Europe and now he comes back especially to our show where you can admire his bike up close and maybe talk to the man himself.

You also can follow him on Instagram; ‘traveling chopper’

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