A small RMC Choppershow History

Just as you, we can’t wait to open the doors for our 29th RMC Choppershow. Tomorrow, Easter Sunday, the ‘gate’ will be opened around 10.00 hour for you all to come together again after two years of absence. And yes, the weather will just fine for probably most of you. It will be a rather sunny day tomorrow. So, no excuses there to leave your bike in the shed and make sure to put enough fuel in your tank before you head over to Opmeer.

We came a long way since 1992, when we held our first, relatively, small show. In those days there were less activities on Easter Sunday compared to now. That date was ideal for us because most bikes are being modified, cleaned, updated or chopped during the winter months and are just about ready around Easter. And what better way to show all your hard work on our Chopper shows during these last three decades.

A year later, in 1993, when we organised our 2nd show it was held in Abbekerk and twice as big. We had learned a lot, so we thought, from our fist one. But again it was to small for the many visitors. So, in 1994 we held our 3th choppershow in Wervershoof in ‘De Dars’, where we had lots of space inside. Outside was a other story though.

Anyway, due to change of policy we had to look for a other location after 2002. We found it in Hoorn in the ‘Kart City’ centre. So, in 2003 we organised our 12th RMC Choppershow on a rather unique location, but just as in Wervershoof it had not that many parking space. But the ambiance was, for this type of shows, ideal.

I already wrote that ‘Kart City’ stopt their activities in 2006 and became a sports centre. So again we had to look for a new location. Lucky for us a new spot came available in our home village Opmeer. From that moment on, 2007 to be precise, we held our chopper shows at our current location ‘De Weyver’ in Opmeer.

Below and above all the show posters from 1992 till 2022. It should have been our 31st show this year, but corona spoiled it for two years on a row.

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