29th RMC Choppershow Winner

For those of you who weren’t there yesterday it’s hard to explain what was going on at our show. The weather was perfect and it was mind-blowing to see that many bikers in and outside ‘De Weyver’. And for those who were there, know what I’m talking about. My, oh my, it was, how shall I say, overwhelming.

On this photo we see f.l.t.r., Sven, Wicky [our current President], Charlie and Beer [co-clubfounder].

But more on that later. The winner of our 29th Choppershow trophy was pinstriper Sven, aka ‘El Cheapo’ from Death MF – Belgium.
Because it is almost impossible to pick a winner, if only because of the too many ‘different styles’ and the personal preferences of each individual, we decided this year to let the choice be determined by Charlie Weisel from America.

This fanatic chopper rider from Satanic Mechanics has already ‘so to speak’ driven around the world several times and as a result of those many miles on the road, he also met many chopper riders and visit many bike shows and parties. So if there is someone who needs to know ‘something’ about it, he is the right person. Of course it remains a ‘personal’ choice, but it will always remain that way.

We, Rogues MC, wish Sven a lot of fun with his ‘well deserved’ 29th Show trophy.


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