Show examples 2022 – I

Today a few examples of what was put on display at our 29th Chopper show. And as always it’s a matter of taste which one you or I do find the nicest bike. But that doesn’t alter the fact that most of the presented bikes on our 29th chopper show had something to offer for most of you visitors.

One of two creations from Willem Zoomer. A high-neck chopper with a custom-made hardtail frame from VG.

Bubu is from northern France and is a member of the Chopper Freakers Band. He builds several choppers a year. Sometimes for friends, often for himself.
He built this golden chopper with its rare Knucklehead engine several years ago and we were happy to have this beautiful piece of art at our 29th choppershow.

Fuel tank in close-up.

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